The following are books, novels, comic books, and more coming soon from BEN Books. All of the titles listed below are coming soon. In some cases, the release date has not yet been set. Also, many of the covers listed here are not the actual or finished cover, but serve as a placeholder until such time as the actual cover becomes available.

Keep checking the site for more details and release dates as they become available.


A novella by Bobby Nash

After the shocking reveal at the end of SNOW DRIVE, the investigation into Miguel Ortega and Daniella Cordoza heats up, Abraham Snow calls in a favor from his former handler, Elizabeth Walker. She has agreed to share information on Ortega and Cordoza and to deal with the hired guns after the bounty placed on Snow’s head.

A team of hired mercenaries break into a U.S. government information storage and retrieval blacksite hidden in an average office building. They enter the building through the lobby restaurant. They say timing is everything. Unfortunately, for the mercenary team, they picked the same building where Walker and Snow are meeting and they don’t take kindly to having their reunion interrupted.

It’s time to saddle up and yippeekiya because we are SNOW TRAPPED in the fourth action-packed entry to the Snow series by Award-Winning Author Bobby Nash. On sale fall 2017! 


BEN Books - COMING 2017!
A full-length novel by Bobby Nash

A Harold Palmer Thriller
By Bobby Nash

FBI Agent Harold Palmer returns!

Years after the traumatic events in Sommersville, GA (as told in the novel, EVIL WAYS, still on sale), Harold Palmer still can't shake his final showdown in Sommersville with a maniacal killer.

Donnie Lehmann is one of the FBI's most wanted. A domestic terrorist who seeks to overthrow the United States government, Lehmann and his cult of followers have been in hiding the past couple of years, planning their next attack. The time is now. 

When Harold and the Joint Terrorism Task Force raid one of Lehmann's safe houses, the terrorist sets his sites on the Task Force. Before he can go after his biggest target to date, Donnie Lehmann sentences the members of the Task Force to death. Now, the hunters become the hunted.

Can Harold Palmer and his team catch their quarry before he gets them?

Evil Intent is a suspenseful cat and mouse game wrapped in explosive packaging.

Coming 2018 from BEN Books and Author Bobby Nash.


BEN Books -
John Bartlett and Benjamin West are back!
A full-length novel by Bobby Nash
COMING 2018!

John Bartlett and Benjamin West are pulled into another deadly game against a methodical killer in DEADLY DEALS! The media has dubbed this new killer the Thief of Hearts because each of the victim’s hearts have been cut out and a playing card is left beneath the body. When Bartlett and his partner and trainee draw the case, the killer sees an opportunity to raise the stakes by playing a game with the detective and his unofficial partner. Can Bartlett and West put aside their differences long enough to stop a killer who has set his sights on their loved ones or will fate deal them an ugly hand?


Not actual cover
A novella by Bobby Nash
BEN Books -
COMING 2018!

A secret federal safe house is hit and a federal witness is hiding out in Sommersville, Georgia. Can Sheriff Myers find him before hired killers do? Find out in 2018 when Sheriff Myers from EVIL WAYS and DEADLY GAMES! gets his own book at last!


A Lance Star: Sky Ranger Comic Book Collection
Stories by Bobby Nash, Jeff Austin, Rock Baker, Sean Taylor, James Burns, and more.
Published by BEN Books


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