Not Final Cover
A Harold Palmer Thriller
By Bobby Nash

FBI Agent Harold Palmer returns!

After the traumatic events in Sommersville, GA (as told in the novel, EVIL WAYS, still on sale), Harold Palmer returns to work. Harold's given a clean bill of health, but he can't shake his final showdown in Sommersville with a maniacal killer.

Donnie Lehmann is one of the FBI's most wanted. A domestic terrorist who seeks to overthrow the United States government, Lehmann and his cult of followers have been in hiding the past couple of years, planning their next attack. The time is now.

When Harold and the Joint Terrorism Task Force raid one of Lehmann's safe houses, the terrorist sets his sites on the Task Force. Before he can go after his biggest target to date, Donnie Lehmann sentences the members of the Task Force to death. Now, the hunters become the hunted.

Can Harold Palmer and his team catch their quarry before he gets them?

Evil Intent is a suspenseful cat and mouse game wrapped in explosive packaging.

Coming 2019 from BEN Books and Author Bobby Nash.


  1. I generally don't read books like this, but this post makes this book seem interesting. I started a book with a similar plot a couple of weeks ago called Disciple of the Wind. It has a similar plot. This Bobby Nash book looks like something I might give a try. Think the last action series that I read that was really good was James Patterson's Maximum Ride. By the way, Bobby Nash's books aren't too gory are they?