Friday, June 1, 2012


Despite my cracky after-convention voice, I was on Dragon Talk tonight, which aired live and is now archived. We talked about Lance Star, Domino Lady, Tales of the Rook, Evil Ways, comic books, Earthstrike Agenda, podcasts, pulp characters, conventions, and Star Trek.

You can listen at or on YouTube at
Or watch below.

From the DragonTalk site:

#123: A Super-Hero Among Writers–Bobby Nash!

Bobby Nash is one busy personality on the convention circuit! I’m sure he’s got SOME kind of power like supersonic flight, super-speed, or teleportation in order to pull off his travel schedule and one day, I’ll catch him using it!

Bobby is a prolific writer and one of the crew of the “Earth Station One” and “Earth Station Who” podcasts.

Hang out with Bobby, Firebird, and Jon on the next episode of DragonTalk, a show broadcast with Google+ Hangouts on Air.

Watch and listen here at or on YouTube at

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