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Deadly Games! and Evil Ways author talks Murder Boards.

Suspects, victims, and evidence. Can you solve the mystery before they do?
I can't recall if I've shared these photos here before or not. The accompanying photos are my interpretation of the police murder boards as they would appear in the novels Evil Ways (re-releasing soon-ish) and Deadly Games! (still available). As always, click on photo for a larger view.

Murder Boards were assembled in my parent's garage.
I created these to display at convention appearances this year. It was a fun little experiment, but didn't quite meet my expectations. Sadly, the expense of transporting a full-sized magnetic dry erase board on rollers from convention to convention is too high for just a backdrop. I will probably have these smaller versions at shows in 2013 as well. Note, they are now separated into two separate pieces as seen in the photo below.

Murder Boards premiered at Alabama Phoenix Festival 2012
I also wanted to say a special thanks to those who let me use their likenesses on the murder boards. Many thanks. A couple of the characters are stock photos I found on the internet, but most are great folks that I know. One of them is even me. He looks like this.
Bobby as Warden Chalmers
I guess I really should get back to work now. That Evil Ways sequel won't write itself.


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