Monday, December 31, 2018


I’ve noticed several of my writer pals sharing their lists of releases in 2018. You know how I like to jump on a bandwagon so here’s my list of 2018 releases:

The Avenger Double Feature (Moonstone Books) 2018 paperback and hardcover release
Snow Trapped (BEN Books) 2018 paperback and ebook release
SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1 (BEN Books) 2018 paperbackebook, and hardcover release
Shadows on the Horizon (BEN Books) 2018 paperback and ebook release

Anthologies/Short Stories
Tales of the Interstellar Bartender's Guild (Pro Se Productions) 2018 paperback and ebook release
The Joy of Joe (Jim Beard) 2018 paperback and ebook release

The Ruby Files Vol. 1 (Airship 27 Productions) Audio only release 2018
Gary Phillips’ Hollis P.I. (Pro Se Productions) Audio only release 2018

Not bad. Until I started putting the list together, I thought it was smaller.

Looking ahead, 2019 looks to be a busy year. There were projects scheduled for 2018 release that have been pushed back into the new year and I have plans for my BEN Books titles as well as re-packaging my back list. More on that later.

Happy New Year!


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