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BEN Books is proud to announce the hardcover premiere of EVIL WAYS by Award-Winning Author Bobby Nash. Now available at and will soon be available at other retail locations such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, bookstores, and wherever your favorite fiction is sold.

About Evil Ways:
FBI Agent Harold Palmer needed a relaxing vacation. He traveled to Sommersville, Georgia to visit his brother, newspaper reporter, Franklin Palmer. The discovery of a brutally murdered woman with a connection to the local police leads to a killer targeting a group of locals returned home for their high school reunion sours their reunion and Agent Palmer finds himself on the trail of a killer who preys on the fears of his victims. They should fear his EVIL WAYS.

Now is the perfect time to catch up on EVIL WAYS in preparation of the release of the next Harold Palmer thriller, EVIL INTENT later in 2019.

EVIL WAYS is also available in paperback and ebook HERE. The paperback is currently $2 off cover price and you can read the ebook FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.
The hardcover is available HERE.

EVIL WAYS can be purchased at the following:     
Lulu (hardcover)
Amazon (paperback)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)            
Mighty Ape NZ (paperback)
BookAdda India (paperback)              
Bookwire (paperback)
Books-A-Million (paperback)             
Book Depository (paperback)
Amazon (Kindle) ebook
Barnes and Noble (Nook) ebook        
Barnes and Noble UK (Nook) ebook
KOBO (ebook)                                  
SONY Reader (ebook)
iTunes (ebook)                                    
Eason Ireland (ebook)
Nook UK (ebook)
And more.

Learn more about EVIL WAYS and EVIL INTENT here.


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