Thursday, March 14, 2019


BEN Books is thrilled to announce the arrival of SNOW STORM on Audio. BEN Books and ACX have joined forces to to bring the second book in award-winning author Bobby Nash's hit series, SNOW to Audible and Amazon, with iTunes coming in the next few days.

The Snow Storm audio is narrated by Stuart Gauffi from the novel by Bobby Nash. The cover art is provided by Dennis Calero. Snow Storm is published by BEN Books.

About Snow Storm:
Abraham Snow's career ended with a single shot, but his adventures are just beginning. Snow’s former partner, Samson Brooks, a retired agent turned PI, arrives in Atlanta with a problem. He’s gotten into some trouble with some bad people and needs Snow’s help to get out of it.

When college student Katie Masters is kidnapped, Snow and his friends leap into action to rescue her before the Atlanta underworld erupts into all out war.

Snow Storm is the second audiobook in the continuing adventures of Abraham Snow.

SNOW STORM can be found on audio at the following:
Audible US:
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:
Amazon UK:
iTunes (coming soon)
Audible UK:
Audible FR:
Audible DE:

Snow Storm is also available in paperback and ebook and is part of the collected SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1 that is also available in hardcover. You can read Snow Storm for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. SNOW STORM is now available for purchase at the following:
Amazon US (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Books-A-Million (paperback)
Book Depository (paperback)
Saxo (paperback)
IndieBound (paperback)
Amazon US (Kindle)
Amazon UK (Kindle)
Amazon CA (Kindle)
Amazon DE (Kindle)
Amazon FR (Kindle)
Amazon ES (Kindle)
Amazon IT (Kindle)
Amazon NL (Kindle)
Amazon JP (Kindle)
Amazon BR (Kindle)
Amazon MX (Kindle)
Amazon AU (Kindle)
Amazon IN (Kindle)

Learn more about SNOW at

Learn more about Bobby Nash HERE.
Learn more about Stuart Gauffi HERE.
Learn more about Dennis Calero HERE.

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