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I'm playing catch up so pardon the lengthy post. In the past two weeks, I have attended four author events. Here are some thoughts and photos on each. Click on the photos for a larger view.

Click Read More below to read the full write up and see all the photos from the events.

Multiverse 2019 ran from October 18 - 20, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Multiverse was a fun and informative first year convention. Like a lot of first year cons, attendance wasn't what those of us selling books hoped it would be so I didn't sell many books. That said, however, the panels were amazing. Great topics and enthusiastic audiences in each. Here's what my panel schedule looked like:  

Friday October 18, 2019 

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Where Horror Lives (Writing Horror) GEEK: Horror (Ogeechee) Check out Lydia Sinclaire's write up of the Where Horror Lives panel at #Multiverse2019 with guest Speakers: Valjeanne Jeffers, Bobby Nash, Delia Remington, Alex R. White, & Kenesha Williams – Geek Horror Program Director: L. Marie Wood. Read the full review HERE
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Craft of Writing: Gutsy Plotting: From Plodding to Dynamic Storytelling WRITE (Sinclair) 

Saturday October 19, 2019 

11:30 am -12:30 pm Write Fast! WRITE (Sinclair) 
1:00 pm -2:00 pm Social Media for Writers WRITE (Sinclair) 
4:00 pm -5:00 pm Be Like Killjoys: Mapmaking in SpecFic (YA) GEEK: SciFi (Rabun) 
8:30 pm -9:30 pm Rathskellar Readings WRITE (Sinclair) This one ended up being cancelled due to attendance as it ran opposite the authors at the bar event so we skipped the reading and joined the others at the bar. 

Sunday October 20, 2019 

11:30 am -12:30 pm ASK ME ANYTHING: How to Get Into Writing for Licensed Properties MEET (Savannah A)

Social Media for Writers panel

Craft of Writing: Gutsy Plotting: From Plodding to Dynamic Storytelling panel

Mapmaking in SpecFic panel

Social Media for Writers panel
There are already plans in place for Multiverse to return in 2020. If you're a writer or a fan of writers and books, this is the con for you.

Southern Crescent's Literature and Libations event at Kirby G's Diner happened on Tuesday, October 22nd. I joined authors Janet Hogan Chapman, Marlene Ratledge Buchanan, and C Joyce Farrar-Rosemon. It was a fun night. Thanks to all who came out to join us. This event wass FREE and open to the public, but alas attendance was low. However, we had a fantastic conversation, shared information on book, events, and audio books. We each gave a short presentation on our books, sold a few, gave away door prizes, and then headed home.

This is a recurring event that will happen monthly, I believe. I hope to visit again in 2020.

Indy Publishing panel
Mia, K.J., Bobby,
Alan, Mike.
The Milton Area Library Convention (MALCon) took place on Saturday, October 26th in Milton, Georgia. We were not allowed to sell anything at the library, but I was on hand for a couple of panels that were quite a good bit of fun.

4:00 PM Media Tie-In Literature (Star Trek, Doctor Who, and others)
How has TV, Movies and Video Games changed literature and how has literature changed the multimedia scene.
Panelists: Jason Blackstock, Ian, (I forget his last name. Sorry), Alan Siler, and Bobby Nash.

5:00 PM Indy Publishing (Comics and Books)
Are you trying to publish your own genera book? Some professionals provide some tips. Panelists: Bobby Nash, Mike Smith, Alan Siler, KJ Eldridge, and Suj Mia Eldridge.
K.J. and Mia Eldridge

I hope they do this event again. It was fun.

On Sunday, I attended The Power of Words Author Panel at the ArtsXchange in East Point, GA. We were just down the road from Tyler Perry's studios. There were 4 authors on the panel, including me. It was great meeting Jennifer Speed and Phillip Gilliam and catching up with my friend, Christopher Qualls. The event was hosted by Theresa Davis. We each read a passage from our work, answered questions from the audience, talked about our books, and then had a signing. It was great fun and I look forward to returning for another one down the road. This event happens monthly so, if you like to find indie authors, this is the place for you. And if you are an Atlanta-area indie author, reach out and introduce yourself to Theresa.

You can learn more about the event and the authors at HERE.

There's a video from the event HERE.

This was a fun couple of weeks of author events and I had an amazing time at each. The only downside was low sales, which has been happening at events for me a lot the past couple of years. I met some talented people at these events and have kept in touch with some as well. This community building is one of the highlights of doing these events.

Look for at least three events happening in November.


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