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I discovered some #FreshSnow in my mail today.

My advance copy of SNOW DOWN, the sixth book in my Snow series arrived and it looks great. I am so proud of this book and series. I love these characters and hope to write their exploits for years to come. All I have to do is get more readers to pick up a copy.

Any ideas on where to reach new readers? I'm always up to try new approaches.

Snow Down is available in paperback and ebook from BEN Books
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Learn more about SNOW DOWN and Abraham Snow at
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Are you ready for #FreshSnow?

It’s all been leading to this. BEN Books is proud to announce that SNOW DOWN, the sixth book in author Bobby Nash’s popular Snow series is now available in paperback and ebook. Snow Down brings Snow series 1 to a close, but don’t worry. Series 2 is about to heat up in 2022.

SNOW Series 1, Vol. 2 (collecting Snow Trapped, Snow Star, and Snow Down) will debut in the next week or two for those collecting the trades.


Reeling from a terrible loss, Abraham Snow has no time to grieve as he finds himself the target of an old enemy. Unarmed, outgunned, cold, and outnumbered, Snow fights for survival in the middle of nowhere and there's a cold snap closing in. It’s a fight for survival in a winter mountain wonderland where he comes face to face with his greatest foe for one last confrontation.

It's all been leading to this! Snow’s about to learn some hard truths! Who blew his cover and sold him out to the Ortega Organization? Who killed Miguel Ortega? Can Snow and his friends put an end to it before hired killers collect the bounty placed on his head? Will everyone make it out alive? Snow Series 1 reaches its startling conclusion in SNOW DOWN!

SNOW DOWN is the sixth book in the continuing adventures of Abraham Snow.

 is available at the following retailers:
Amazon US (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)
Amazon DE (paperback)
Amazon FR (paperback)
Amazon ES (paperback)
Amazon IT (paperback)
Amazon JP (paperback)
Amazon AU (paperback)
Amazon US (ebook)
Amazon UK (ebook)
Amazon CA (ebook)
Amazon DE (ebook)
Amazon FR (ebook)
Amazon ES (ebook)
Amazon IT (ebook)
Amazon NL (ebook)
Amazon JP (ebook)
Amazon BR (ebook)
Amazon MX (ebook)
Amazon AU (ebook)
Amazon IN (ebook)
BEN Books Store (autographed paperback coming soon)

Written by Bobby Nash.
Cover art by Dennis Calero.
Back cover art by Jeffrey Hayes.
Audio book narrated by Stuart Gauffi coming in 2022.
Published by BEN Books.

Learn more about Snow at

Remember, in #TheSummerofSnow every day is a #SnowDay!
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Interview requests, press materials, and review copies can be requested by contacting Bobby Nash via BEN Books at

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