Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Serialized Novel Cover.
Are you ready?

SUICIDE BOMB is an all-new serialized thriller novel written by author Bobby Nash that is being released exclusively on the author's Patreon page beginning in October with two chapters to kick off the story. Once it is completed (late 2019 or early 2020), BEN Books will release the novel in paperback and Kindle ebook. 

SUICIDE BOMB features Washington DC homicide detective, Catherine Jackson and Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson teaming up to stop a twisted mastermind who has developed a method for turning ordinary people into assassins before killing themselves. Who can you trust when everyone around you could be a killer?

SUICIDE BOMB begins October 2018 exclusively on Bobby Nash's Patreon. Not a patron yet? Please join us HERE and take advantage of our $1 and $5 subscription plans.

Thank you and, as always, I appreciate your support.


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