Wednesday, September 19, 2018


I guess this is about as official as it gets. I started playing around with some placeholder cover art for SUICIDE BOMB today. SUICIDE BOMB is a novel I will be serializing on Patreon before releasing as a BEN Books novel when completed in 2019 or 2020.

Now, none of these covers can actually be used on the wide release. I used these stock images, but the book cover will need a little more attention than these web-covers.

So, why create them?
I'm glad you asked. These covers will be used when I release a new chapter on Patreon as seen below. They will have chapter numbers on them so anyone who comes in late can keep them straight. When it comes time to release in paperback and ebook, I'll have a new, more professional cover made.

There are currently 28 chapters written so hopefully, I can stay ahead of the release dates. To start, the plan is to post a chapter a month, but I may up that to every 3 weeks then eventually up to every other week. I don't want to get too ambitious up front and then throw myself off schedule.
Patrons are more than welcome to give me feedback on chapters to make the final product as good as possible. I'll even open it up to work Patrons into the
story if they want to get killed off in it. There are several murders in this story so plenty to go around. Actually, there is a character in this book already based on a friend of mine so the more the merrier.

Here's a little bit more about SUICIDE BOMB:
"Suicide Bomb" is a thriller featuring Washington DC homicide detective, Catherine Jackson and Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson teaming up to stop a Mastermind who has developed a method for turning ordinary people into killers. Who can you trust when anyone could be a potential assassin?

Look for SUICIDE BOMB beginning October 2018 exclusively on Patreon. Not a patron yet? Please join us at and take advantage of our subscription plans.



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