Friday, March 13, 2020


Due to the current health advisory concerning the COVID-19 virus, this weekend's Atlanta Sc-Fi and Fantasy Expo event at North DeKalb Mall has been postponed. I do not know the new dates at this time. As soon as I hear this information, I will share it here.

If an event you were planning to visit has been cancelled, reach out to those creators or vendors you were hoping to meet and/or purchase items from and see if they are offering them through their website. This will help all of the creators and vendors who are losing out on money they were expecting to make at an event. In most cases, they already spent money in preparation for the event. Buying original art, prints, books, etc. from their site is a great way to keep the spirit of conventions and events alive even if you're doing them remotely.

In my case, I sell autographed books at and I take commission requests for art through the site and also payments through Paypal. Want a book not listed? Reach out and ask. If I have copies on hand, I can sell autographed copies no problem. Plus, all sales from me directly gets free envelope art. Whatta deal, right? Hit me up through social media or at and/or

At this time, I have not heard of cancellations of my other March events, The Southern Pen Writers Conference on March 21st or Coosa Con on March 28th. If that changes, I will post it as well.

Stay safe out there.


Here's the announcement from The Atlanta Sc-Fi and Fantasy Expo:

Our Greatest Concern Is the Safety of Our Community

At its core the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo is a labor of love by fans for fans. As the Expo grows, we have been able to keep the event admission free through the generous support of our volunteer staff, event partners, and vendors. We all love the community we have built together and are committed to the safety and well being of everyone involved. In the last twenty-four hours, there has been increased focus on the role public gatherings could play in transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Many of you reached out to express your concerns and inquire about our plans for this weekend. Although we have established revised sanitation and engagement protocols for the Expo, we decided to seek direct consultation from professionals familiar with the virus and its spread in the Metro Atlanta area. We have been advised social distancing is an increasingly necessary and key component to reducing further transmission. Based on these discussions and an abundance of caution, we have made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s event.

We ask that our guests, panelists and friends of the show remain patient as we continue to monitor the situation and determine alternate dates. Our combined efforts have created an amazing experience for this year’s Expo (seriously, did you see the lineup?!!!) and we are absolutely committed to hosting a 2020 event.

Please continue to visit and follow us on social media for updated information.

The Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo

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