Saturday, April 25, 2020


A Big Thank You to Chuck at Chuck's Comic of the Day blog for his kind words and nice review of Operation: Silver Moon. You can read the full review HERE and below.

Physical copies of comics may be difficult to land right now, but luckily we can still order graphic novels or tap into digital comics (and there are signs that the comics shop shutdown may be ending soon. Maybe.) Here's a recent graphic novel that has a lot of fun with some classic horror movie tropes - it's called Operation: Silver Moon.

Set during World War II, it follows a special American agent named Lupus who has a distinct advantage over the Nazis he faces: he's also a werewolf!

This has the wonderful advantage of allowing him to cut loose violently against some truly terrible opponents! And when the bad guys track down a powerful mystical weapon in the Carpathian Mountains, Lupus finds himself squaring off against both Nazis - and a powerful vampire!

The story by Author Bobby Nash provides lots of action and just enough humor (and yes, humanity) to keep the main character likable and relatable.

The art is by Rick Johnson, and there are flashes of brilliance in there as he draws in a style that seems to be influenced by Paul Gulacy. He keeps the action fast and furious and always in motion!

The graphic novel is a fun mix of genres with enough plot twists to keep you on your toes, and all the action you'd expect if you caught this story at a movie theater! Recommended! Grade: A

You can get your very own copy of Operation: Silver Moon HERE. Available in paperback and ebook. Read it FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Happy Reading.


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