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My latest release, Snow Star is now on sale.

April 2, 2020

After a year’s absence, author Bobby Nash’s Abraham Snow returns to bookshelves in a brand-new mystery/thriller called SNOW STAR published by BEN Books. You can read and/or watch the author read the opening chapter at and below. You can also find the video on YouTube HERE and below.

About Snow Star:
To the world at large, Miranda Shake is a big star best known for her work on the long-running television series, The Adventures of Amazing Woman. But Abraham Snow knew her by another name, Melanie Shaw. Before the fame, they were childhood friends. After school, Snow enlisted, leaving his life, family, and friends behind. Melanie went off to Hollywood, changed her name, and became a star.

Now, reconnected after so many years, Snow has fallen for her once again. For the first time, in a long time, he’s happy.

When Miranda Shake is found dead on New Year’s morning, having apparently jumped from the roof of her condo while wearing her TV superhero costume, everyone is quick to call it suicide, another troubled star taking her own life.

Everyone except Abraham Snow.Snow is convinced that his friend was murdered and sets out to find out who did it and why, much to the irritation of Atlanta Homicide Detective, Robert Trent, who does not like private investigators butting into his cases.

SNOW STAR is the fifth book in the continuing adventures of Abraham Snow.

SNOW STAR is available for purchase at the following retailers:
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More paperback locations and Audio coming soon.

“This story is one I’ve been wanting to tell for thirty years,” says Nash of the story. “I love a good mystery and in 1989, I wrote ‘Who Killed Amazing Woman?’ and knew I would have to tell that story one day. I just needed the right protagonist to solve it. The story was just waiting for Abraham Snow.” 

Abraham Snow’s adventures are chronicled in Snow FallsSnow StormSnow DriveSnow TrappedSnow Series 1, Vol. 1, and now SNOW STAR published by BEN Books and Paul Bishop Presents: Disorderly Conduct (featuring Snow Flies) from Wolfpack Publishing. Snow’s adventures are available in paperbackebookaudio book, and hardcover (series collections).

Abraham Snow will return Summer 2020 with SNOW DOWN, the 6th book in the series and the end of series 1. SNOW Series 1, Vol. 2 will follow soon after. SNOW series 2 will debut Winter 2020.

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Bobby Nash reads SNOW STAR opening chapter.

How could things go so wrong so fast?

Three hours ago, Miranda Shake had kissed her best friend, the only guy she knew that never tried to take advantage of her. They had been friends for over twenty years. She loved him and felt confident that he had similar feelings for her. Of course, neither of them would ever be the first to admit it, which left them idling in neutral.

Except that one time.

It seemed so long ago now. Almost like a faded memory. Sometimes she wondered if it had been real or if it was just two people lost in a moment. Either way, it was a precious memory.

With him, she could be Melanie Shaw, the name her parents had given her and the one she used when her friend first met her back at Sommersville High School all those years ago when she had been ashamed of the freckles that dotted her face, the same freckles that today were often referred to as sexy. Sometimes she missed plain ol’ Melanie Shaw. It wasn’t always easy to be Miranda Shake, TV and movie star, in a world that was constantly tugging at her.

She had invited her friend to a New Year’s Eve bash atop a swanky downtown Atlanta hotel. He had resisted at first, but she was hard to say no to when she wanted. The party was a who’s who of the industry elite, actors and celebrities, movers and shakers, money makers and money grabbers. This was more her world that his, but she was over the moon when he agreed to be her date for the evening. He seemed only marginally uncomfortable as she worked the room, flashing that million-dollar smile that had melted so many hearts over the years.

At midnight, as fireworks exploded overhead, she kissed him.

It was long, hard, and as passionate a kiss as she had ever planted on anyone.

He didn’t complain.

She didn’t want the night to end.

When the party started to die down an hour later, she threw caution to the wind and invited him to stay the night. Her condo was close by and she promised that together they would kick the New Year off in style, make it a night to remember. A night of passion with the beautiful Miranda Shake was an invitation few
men would be able to refuse.

When he declined, she was surprised, then angry, then eventually, understanding. He had a prior commitment the next morning and needed rest. Work, he said. As he explained the situation, she understood, but was disappointed. She had longed to spend the night together. Any other man, she might not have believed, assuming the worst, but she had never known him to lie to her before. There was no reason to think he would now.

“Some other time,” he said before he kissed her goodnight.

“How about tomorrow?”

He smiled. “I’ll call you when I’m done. Dinner?”

“That would be a good start,” she said, a little too flirty. She chided herself. There was no need for that with him. She knew that he liked her. The old seduction tricks weren’t necessary.

He had offered to drop her at her condo on the way, but she decided to spend a little more time at the party with the stragglers.

And she needed another drink.

Maybe a couple more.

She knew better, of course. Miranda Shake had a problem, one well documented in the tabloids and on tabloid TV over the years. She did not know how to say no to another drink. As a young starlet, rocketed to stardom early in her career thanks to a lucky break on a TV series that hit big followed by a role in a movie that garnered her an Academy Award nomination one year and another that saw her take home the fabled trophy the next, Miranda Shake became popular fast. For a time, she was America’s sweetheart.
Everyone loved her. She was a star.

They also loved to buy her drinks.

Later came the pills.

A lot of miles had come and gone since then and she had kicked the pill habit, but alcohol was the demon that would not leave her alone. Not for the first time, she cursed the demon that was substance abuse. She knew many who called it a disease, but Miranda didn’t buy it. She knew the monster was real. A disease could be cured. The monster, her demon, would never die. All she could do was lock it away, if only for a short time.

No matter how strong the cage, her monster always escaped.

She tried to fight it, she did, sometimes she was even able to walk away from it if her guard was up, but when the monster saw weakness, it struck.

Though he did not mean to be, her old friend, Abraham Snow was a weakness.

When he left her, the monster saw it’s opening--

--and pounced.

When her guard was sufficiently lowered, the vultures circled as they usually did, preying on her moment of weakness. One drink led to a second, which became a third, then fourth, and then she wasn’t paying attention to where the drinks were coming from. As she knocked back the drinks, Miranda Shake was once again lost down the old, familiar rabbit-hole, curiouser and curiouser.

Things get blurry after that.


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