Sunday, May 31, 2020


Audio update. Today, I approved the audio books for Snow Star and Earthstrike Agenda and they sounds great! Both of these BEN Books releases will be available at Audible and Amazon soon.

Stuart Gauffi returns to narrate SNOW STAR, the 5th book in the popular SNOW series. 
You can find Snow Star in paperback and ebook.
You can learn more about Abraham Snow at

Cecilia Laughlin has narrated EARTHSTRIKE AGENDA, a sci-fi adventure thriller. 
You can find Earthstrike Agenda in paperback and ebook.

Audio books currently in production include SUICIDE BOMB, narrated by Arianne Yates and EVIL WAYS, narrated by Robert Ray.
You can find Suicide Bomb in paperback and ebook.
You can find Evil Ways in hardcoverpaperback, and ebook.

You can read all four of these titles, plus all BEN Books releases for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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