Monday, May 18, 2020


I was interviewed by Barbara Barth for The Magic of Three: Three Questions with Author Bobby Nash.
The questions are posted on the Magical Muse Moments Create, Paint, Write Facebook page HERE.

Welcome Bobby Nash to our Three Question Interview on Magical Muse Moments Create, Paint, Write. Well-loved in the writing community, Bobby was fun to interview. Link below to read his answers, find his website, and sign up for his free e-mail newsletter. Thanks, Bobby for joining us today! Magical Muse Moments is hosted by the Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts and Walton Writers. 

Today meet author Bobby Nash on our Magic of Three, Three Question Interview. Bobby is well known in the writing community, but I wanted to ask a few questions to share here. At the end of our mini-interview you'll find links to his web and sales sites. You can also sign up for his free newsletter. 

1. Tell us about your genre. 

I have been fortunate to be able to write in multiple genres for different publishers. It is fun to spend time writing sci-fi, super-heroes, pulp, and the like, but the genre I tend to visit most often is the crime thriller genre. I have fun planning the crimes and catching the bad guys. Plus, the beauty of a thriller is that it can pair with almost any other genre ala sci-fi/thriller, mystery/thriller, well, you get the idea. 

2. When did you start writing? 

I first caught the writing bug in high school back in the late 1980’s. I started writing comic book stories that I could draw then eventually started writing stories for other friends to draw. Eventually, I found work writing comics professionally in 2000, which was fun. Then, one day, I decided to write a novel. I did and, although not the greatest work, it was finished. I later did a massive rewrite on that story, but before I did that, I wrote another novel that came out much better. After about six years of shopping it around, I finally sold my first novel, Evil Ways, in 2004 and it premiered in 2005. I’ve been busy ever since. 

3.What inspires you? 

I’m inspired by everything. I find story/character ideas everywhere I look. I am also inspired by other creative people. Talking with another creator is a great way to get my creative juices flowing. I am also inspired by deadlines. Yeah. Those are important too.


Thanks for joining us today, Bobby. And thanks for all you do to reach out to the writing community.

Thank you, Barbara. This was fun.

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