Tuesday, April 13, 2021



Action! Adventure! Thrills! Chills! Danger! Welcome to #TheSummerOfSnow! BEN Books is pleased to introduce #SnowShorts! Short fiction featuring characters from the hit SNOW series by some of today's top authors for only $.99! Covers by Jeffrey Hayes from PlasmaFire Graphics.

Now on sale:
Snow Shorts #1: Snow Flies by Bobby Nash
Snow Shorts #2: Thieves' Alley by Gary Phillips
Snow Shorts #3: A Stranger Calls by Nicole Givens Kurtz

More Snow Shorts are on the way! Keep watching www.abrahamsnow.com and www.ben-books.com for more news as it is available.

Coming soon: Snow Shorts collection #1 (featuring the first three Snow Shorts adventures), SNOW DOWN (book 6 in the Snow series), Pulp Reality #2 (includes a new Snow Short "Snow Chase" by Bobby Nash), and more Snow Shorts adventures. SNOW HUNT is also being prepped.

In #TheSummerOfSnow, every day is truly a #SnowDay!

Let the adventure begin.


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