Saturday, July 13, 2019


Art by Jeffrey Ray Hayes. Click for larger view.
There is nothing quite as exciting as having a new piece of art hit your inbox. Today, #TheSummerofSnow kicked into high gear for me today with the arrival of the new SNOW POSTER art by the amazingly talented Jeffrey Hayes. I am absolutely blown away by this piece. You can definitely expect to see this as a banner at conventions in 2020 and will no doubt be used in multiple places. I love it! A bug, big, BIG SHOUT OUT to Jeffrey for this amazing piece! Now, I just need to write an epic Snow thriller to fit this image. Ha! Ha!

Says Hayes about the cover, "Was hoping to get this done a bit sooner, but here is the final poster / cover illustration for author Bobby Nash’s “Snow” series. I hope he will get good use out of the art for a possible future book cover or promotion of his series. Have a great weekend. enjoy!"

If you want to see more of Jeffrey Hayes incredible artwork, check out his Plasmafire Graphics site. If you need a cover or a poster, Jeffrey comes highly recommended.

Snow is published by BEN Books. Learn more about the series HERE.

There's more #TheSummerofSnow goodies to come. Keep watching this space as well as and for more.

Thanks again, Jeffrey!


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