Friday, June 27, 2014


Author HC Playa
BEN Books own Bobby Nash stopped by Author H.C. Playa’s site to weigh in on this month‘s topic, The Pros and Cons of Cons.

I love a good con.
Not the kind where someone steals all my money though. Those are only fun to watch on TV or in the movies. What I love are conventions. From the small one-day shows to the big four day events, conventions invigorate me as a creator even as they wear me out as a person. When H.C. asked me to make a list of the pros and cons of attending cons, I leapt at the chance.
You can read the rest of Bobby's thoughts on attending conventions here.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


BEN Books Author Bobby Nash has been listed on the Authors Database. His AuthorsDb debut is in the TOP 50 AUTHOR LIST 20/06/2014.

Congratulations, Bobby.

Read all about it here.

There will be more books to be added to Bobby's profile soon.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Author Jeremy Hicks tagged BEN Books author Bobby Nash in a status and now i have to post 7 lines after the 7th line on page 7 from my current work in progress "Evil Intent" Okay, I'll play. Here's mine:

The brave men and women Donnie Lehmann had fought shoulder to shoulder with in the hot desert sands of countries that he wished he couldn’t find on a map had died for freedom and liberty and here they were just handing it away to evil men with evil agendas. Donnie Lehmann saw all of it happening and wanted to help. He loved his country and wanted to keep it safe.

There was a quote he had learned once. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” He couldn’t remember who had said it, especially in his current state, but the words rang true.

Donnie Lehmann saw the evil happening to the country he loved.

And he would do something about it.


And the rules that got us here:

Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.
Go to line 7
Post on your facebook page/blog the next 7 sentences or 7 lines—as they are!
Tag 7 people to do the same.

This was a fun little experiment.
I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.


Of course, we can't let you get out of here without reminding you that Bobby Nash's Evil Ways is still on sale. Get yours today!

A novel by Bobby Nash

FBI Agent Harold Palmer needed a relaxing vacation. All he wanted was to travel to Sommersville, Georgia to visit his brother, newspaper publisher and reporter, Franklin Palmer. He should have known better.

The graduating class of 2002 have returned to Sommersville for their ten year high school reunion, timed to coincide with the annual Sommersville Autumn Festival.  Classmates coming from all over to reconnect, retell old stories, and have a great time reminiscing.

The discovery of a brutally murdered young lady with a connection to the local police, coupled with a rowdy high school reunion and the annual Autumn Festival has Sommersville Sheriff Tom Myers and his deputies overwhelmed.

Agent Palmer finds himself on the trail of a killer who preys on the fears of his victims. His next targets are the unsuspecting members of the reunited class of ‘02.

They should fear his EVIL WAYS.

This re-release edition of Evil Ways by Author Bobby Nash kicks off the beginning of a new series of suspense thrillers starring FBI Special Agent Harold Palmer.

It all starts here.

Evil Ways was Bobby Nash's first published novel. He is excited to have it once again in print. Currently, he is busy working on Harold Palmer’s next adventure, Evil Intent, to be published in 2014.

Harold Palmer will return in Evil Intent.

EVIL WAYS can also be purchased in paperback and ebook at the following:
BEN Books estore paperback
Amazon paperback
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Mighty Ape NZ (paperback)
BookAdda India (paperback)
Amazon (Kindle) ebook
Barnes and Noble (Nook) ebook
Barnes and Noble UK (Nook) ebook
Smashwords (multiple formats, Kindle, Nook, etc.)
DriveThru Fiction ebook
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SONY Reader ebook
Uncovered Books (ebook)

Bobby Nash’s Deadly Games! is also available. Although not part of the Harold Palmer Thriller series, characters and locations that appear in Evil Ways also appear in Deadly Games! Learn more about Deadly Games! here.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Over on his blog, author Derrick Ferguson, along with Lucas Garrett, Barry Reese, and Andrew Salmon, compiled a list of good intro books to the world of New Pulp. I won’t get into the whole “what is pulp/New Pulp?” discussion here because it has been discussed ad infinitum and no one is closer to agreeing than when it all began.

This is a nice list the guys put together. I'm honored to have my work listed there twice, even though I wouldn't classify Evil Ways as pulp. The Ruby Files, on the other hand, definitely qualifies.

I know there are those who disagree with me on Evil Ways and I get where they are coming from. I certainly don’t mind it being called Pulp or New Pulp. It’s just not how I think of it. Then again, my writing style is pretty consistent across my various projects so I can see
where they’re coming from. Regardless, I’m honored to have made the list.

You can read the full list of the 25 New Pulp Books To Get You Started here.

Learn more about Evil Ways here.

Learn more about The Ruby Files here.


Friday, June 6, 2014


BEN Books Author Bobby Nash has been interviewed a couple times this week.

Atomic Interview #22: Bobby Nash interviewed by Atomic Anxiety's Mark Bousquet.
Read the full interview here.

Bobby Nash interviewed by Author Lisa M. Collins.
Read the full interview here.