Sunday, June 28, 2015


Over on Facebook, author Steven Paul Leiva has tagged me in the latest of the writer's chain letter posts. I have been asked to share the first three lines of the first three chapters of a book in progress. I am currently working on Evil Intent so here you go…

Opening (no chapter #)
“I still see him coming.”

“Is he walking?”

“Yes. Walking straight toward me as if it were the most normal thing. Casual.

Ch. 1
Harold Palmer felt a chill as he stepped into the brisk, February evening.

He was relieved to be out of that office. Although he knew better, he could have sworn that the walls had begun to close in on him during the session.

Ch. 2
“We interrupt this program for an important announcement.”

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” the man on the television screen said. “I’m Herbert Rothfield for CMN. Earlier this evening we received word that recent peace initiatives in the Middle East have failed.

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I'm suppose to tag 10 other writers, but I’ll skip that part. If you’re interested in doing this, go for it.

Also, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to mention that Evil Ways is still on sale in paperback and ebook formats. Here's more about it:

A novel by Bobby Nash

Evil’s coming...
Don’t look back!

FBI Agent Harold Palmer needed a relaxing vacation. All he wanted was to travel to Sommersville, Georgia to visit his brother, newspaper publisher and reporter, Franklin Palmer. He should have known better.

The graduating class of 2002 have returned to Sommersville for their ten year high school reunion, timed to coincide with the annual Sommersville Autumn Festival.  Classmates coming from all over to reconnect, retell old stories, and have a great time reminiscing.

The discovery of a brutally murdered young lady with a connection to the local police, coupled with a rowdy high school reunion and the annual Autumn Festival has Sommersville Sheriff Tom Myers and his deputies overwhelmed.

Agent Palmer finds himself on the trail of a killer who preys on the fears of his victims. His next targets are the unsuspecting members of the reunited class of ‘02.

They should fear his EVIL WAYS.

This re-release edition of Evil Ways by Author Bobby Nash kicks off the beginning of a new series of suspense thrillers starring FBI Special Agent Harold Palmer.

It all starts here.

EVIL WAYS can be purchased at the following:
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Books-A-Million (paperback)            Amazon (Kindle) ebook
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Harold Palmer will return in Evil Intent.

Bobby Nash’s Deadly Games! is also available. Although not part of the Harold Palmer Thriller series, characters and locations that appear in Evil Ways also appear in Deadly Games! Learn more about Deadly Games! here.