A John Bartlett/Benjamin West Thriller
By Bobby Nash

John Bartlett and Benjamin West are back and this time they are drawn into another deadly game against a methodical killer in DEADLY DEALS! 

A killer stalks the streets of Atlanta. 

The media has dubbed this new killer the Thief of Hearts because each of the victim’s hearts have been cut out and a playing card is left beneath the body. When Bartlett, his partner, and their trainee draw the case, the killer sees an opportunity to raise the stakes by playing a game with the famous detective and his unofficial partner, famed reporter, Benjamin West. 

Can Bartlett and West put aside their differences long enough to stop a killer who has set his sights on their loved ones or will fate deal them an ugly hand?

A new deadly game is afoot!

Coming 2019 from BEN Books and Author Bobby Nash.

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