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Welcome to the BIG BOX ‘O BOOKS SALE
Better known as the Bobby Needs to Pay His Insurance Bill Sale

It’s been a while since I ran a sale, but it’s time to pay car insurance and tag and I’m a wee bit short so, my poor financial planning is your gain. I’ve put together some box sets to choose from, or you can buy individual books. All come autographed and personalized, if you wish. I will also toss in 1 hand-drawn by me, original art bookmarks. Each package also ships out with original envelope art by yours truly as well. What a deal? Did I mention, these make great gifts if you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping.

I can send an invoice vial Square or Paypal.

Happy Reading!


BOX SETS ($12 shipping)

BOX 1 $100 (a $120 value)
Includes Evil Ways, Evil Intent, Deadly Games!, Suicide Bomb, Snow Vol. 1 SC, Snow Vol. 2 SC, Snow Shorts 1 SC

BOX 2 $75 (a $90 value)
Includes Snow Vol. 1 SC, Snow Vol. 2 SC, Snow Shorts 1 SC, In the Wind (Myers 1), Such A Night (Myers 2), Standing on the Shadows (Myers 3)

BOX 3 $40 (a $48 value)
Includes Earthstrike Agenda, Dante’s Tenth (Dante 1), Dante’s Showdown (Dante 2), Nightveil: Crisis Crossroads Infinity

BOX 4 $125 (a $150 value)
Includes Crimes in Time: Great Chicago Fire, Crimes in Time: Sinking of the Titanic, Crimes in Time: Bombing of Pearl Harbor, Crimes in Time: NYC Blackout ’77, Crimes in Time: Mt. St. Helens, Crimes in Time: Hurricane Katrina

BOX 5 $100 (a $150 value)
Includes Snow Vol. 1 HC, Snow Vol. 2 HC, Snow Shorts 1 HC, Snow posters, tea, keychain, magnets, buttons, ribbons, and more. The ultimate Snow box set.

BOX 6 $100 (a $150 value)
Includes Snow Falls, Snow Storm, Snow Drive, Snow Trapped, Snow Star, Snow Down, Snow Shorts 1, Snow Shorts 2, Snow Shorts 3, Snow posters, tea, keychain, magnets, buttons, ribbons, and more. The ultimate Snow box set.

INDIVIDUAL BOOKS ($6 shipping)
Evil Ways                                            $15
Evil Intent                                           $15
Deadly Games!                                   $15
Suicide Bomb                                     $15
Earthstrike Agenda                             $15
Snow Vol. 1 SC                                  $20
Snow Vol. 2 SC                                  $20
Snow Vol. 1 HC                                 $30
Snow Vol. 2 HC                                 $30
Snow Shorts 1 SC                              $20
Snow Shorts 1 HC                              $30
In the Wind (Myers 1)                        $10
Such A Night (Myers 2)                     $10
Standing on the Shadows (Myers 3)  $10
Dante’s Tenth (Dante 1)                     $10
Dante’s Showdown (Dante 2)            $13
Nightveil: Crisis Crossroads Infinity  $10
Crimes in Time: Great Chicago Fire  $25
Crimes in Time: Sinking Titanic        $25
Crimes in Time: Pearl Harbor            $25
Crimes in Time: NYC Blackout ‘77 $25
Crimes in Time: Mt. St. Helens        $25
Crimes in Time: Hurricane Katrina  $25

Original Art Bookmarks (Hand-Drawn by me)
$10 each or $3 for $20 (I’ll cover postage)

If you have a preferred character, let me know. Or I can choose at random.

If there’s a book you’re interested in that’s not listed here, ask. I have my convention stock and am happy to sign and ship anthologies as well.

Sunday, July 7, 2024



Did anyone survive the plane crash? Find out in this all-new chapter of NOWHERE TO RUN - A Deputy U.S. Marshal William Teague Thriller novella written by yours truly, on PATREON. We've hit the halfway point of this novella.

Read the opening chapter FREE RIGHT HERE. Subsequent weekly-ish chapters will be for paid members. Go read the opening chapter FREE today then join us. Tiers start as low as $1 a month and that includes the serialized stories. It helps me a lot. Thank you.

Deputy U.S. Marshal William Teague has appeared in Evil Intent and In The Wind, but this is his first solo book. If you've not read Teague's previous adventures, you can still follow along. I try to make all of my books accessible, telling its own complete tale.

Thanks for joining me on this new thrilling adventure.




Big thanks to Tonya Dorsey for her kind words and 5 star Amazon review of Standing on the Shadows: A Tom Myers Mystery. I am so glad you liked it. This made my day.

"Excellent Book! I have read the 2 previous books in this series and was so excited to read this one and revisit these characters!! It was an excellent story and I enjoyed it so much!!! I have also thought about storage buildings and what if there was “something “ in one. The way he wrote the story kept me reading and interested from page one!! I can’t wait to revisit these characters again in the next book and will absolutely buy it as soon as it’s available!"

You can read the review and learn more about Standing on the Shadows: A Tom Myers Mystery HERE.

Thanks again.


Standing on the Shadows - A Tom Myers Mystery
A mystery/thriller

A mysterious twenty-year-old cold case suddenly heats up Sommersville!

It started with an accident. A plane crash just outside the Sommersville, Georgia airport uncovers a long-hidden secret. A startling discovery points to a decades old murder whose outcome could spell disaster for Sommersville and those who call the rustic, small town home.

When the once ice-cold case suddenly burns white hot, Sheriff Tom Myers discovers a cover-up meant to keep the truth buried forever. Can he get to the bottom of this mystery before Sommersville burns?

Sheriff Tom Myers returns in an all-new mystery/thriller from award-winning author, Bobby Nash. Standing on the Shadows is the third book in the Tom Myers series from BEN Books.

Standing on the Shadows – A Tom Myers Mystery
 is available at the following:
Amazon US (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon US (ebook)
Amazon UK (ebook)
Amazon CA (ebook)
And at Amazon worldwide.

Follow the Tom Myers series HERE.

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Lance Star and the Ghost Squadron
Chapter 7.

Lance Star surveyed the damage to the Skybolt II. The plane was as tough as they come but had taken a pretty substantial hit from that missile. He hated the sight of his pride and joy ripped apart like this.

“What do you think, Buck?” he asked “Can you get her airworthy again?”

Buck Tellonger ran a hand over his chin and mouth, ruffling his big, thick mustache. “Yeah. We can work with this. The ol’ girl needs a hangar for a full overhaul, but I can get us in the air. It’ll take a while. Several hours, at least. Maybe close to sundown.”

“What if we have to take her into combat?” Lance Star asked.

“I’d rather avoid it, if possible, boss,” Buck said, chomping down on his unlit cigar. “She’ll fly, but she’s still pretty banged up.”

“Do what you can.” Lance started pulling equipment out of the plane, putting a few items into a backpack.

“Uh, pardon me, but are you planning to go somewhere, Lace?” Jacob Cutter asked.

The pilot smiled. “Whoever fired those missiles our way is bound to come looking for us, either to make sure we crashed, or to make sure we don’t escape. I’d rather see them coming than get caught off guard.” He pointed toward a rocky mesa to the east. “Based on the coordinates Buck triangulated, they’ll be coming from that direction. I figure it couldn’t hurt to get a look and early warning when they come for us.”

“You can’t go alone,” Buck started.

“I need you to fix the plane.” Lance held up a hand. “And before you argue, Cut, I need you here to help him. And watch his back.”

Lance checked his ammunition, slipped his sidearm into its holster, loaded up on extra ammo, a compass, binoculars, a handful of emergency ration bars, a portable radio, some rope, small mallet, stakes, and a canteen.

“Better take an extra canteen, boss. It gets hot out there.”

“Thanks, Buck,” Lance said as he pulled on a hat with a bill to keep the sun out of his eyes. He took the canteen, dropped it into the pack. He put on a pair of sunglasses before tossing the bag over his shoulders. “Get this thing in the air,” he said. “I’ll radio in if I see anything. When you think they’re within range, radio Red and Cy. Worse comes to worst, they fly us out of here. Or bring help.”

“Be careful.”

“You two. Both of you.”

With that, Lance Star started out across the rocks and sand. It didn’t take long before heat distortion blurred Buck’s line of sight. Eventually, he could no longer see his friend.

“Okay, Jake,” Buck said, climbing up on the wing. “We got a lot of work ahead of us and very little time. Let’s get to it. Grab that toolbox.”

“You think it’s wise to let him run off a lone like that?” Cutter asked as he handed up the toolbox.

“No,” Buck said softly. “No. I don’t.”

To be continued…


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