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Reader Robert McIntyre posted a fantastic review of my novel, Evil Ways over at his A Bit Too Old For Comics? Blog. You can read the full review here.

From the review:
“The whole story moves on at a cracking pace and no part of the plot is wasted no matter how trivial it may seems at the time of reading it, the whole book is littered with small clues throughout that take you on the same ride as the characters to the final conclusion of the book and what a conclusion it was.”

“I was hooked on the book from the first paragraph, and read the book in the space of a week which for me is a quick read; it’s also an indication for me on how good I think a book is if I read it that quickly.”

You can read the full review at

Thanks so much for the kind words, Robert. I'm glad you enjoyed Evil Ways. This novel holds a special place in my heart, being the first published. I'm so excited to have it back out there. A new Harold Palmer thriller called Evil Intent is scheduled for 2013 (now I just need to finish writing the darn thing).

Sheriff Tom Myers was an unexpected surprise. As I got to know the character his part in Evil Ways continued to grow. The same things happened in Deadly Games! He was originally only going to be mentioned there, but the character kept telling me that he would be involved in the events of that novel. Of course, you should always listen to your characters. I did and I think the story is better for it.

I have a loose plot for a stand-alone novel featuring Sheriff Myers that I hope to write in 2013 (once I clean off my current slate of works in process). The character has become one of my favorites. Oh. I should also mention that Sheriff Myers makes a brief cameo appearance in Evil Intent as well.

Thanks again for the review. It is appreciated.


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