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From Con Nooga 2013 with
Andrea Judy and Sean Taylor.
BEN Books Author Bobby Nash will be a guest at ConNooga this weekend (February 21 - 23) in Chattanooga, TN.

"Always a fun show, the ConNooga Literary Track is incredible and I’m honored to once again be part of it," said Nash when asked about the convention. "If you’re at the con, please stop by and say hello. I will also have a table somewhere in the dealer’s room with books to show off and hopefully sell so I can cover my hotel bill for the weekend."


4:00 PM Fri   Con Center #15        Panel: Writing Believable Dialogue
10:00 AM Sat   Con Center #15        Panel: Writing for Graphic Novels
1:00 PM Sat   Con Center #15        Panel: Pulp Fiction - What is it?
5:00 PM Sat   Con Center #15        Panel: The Writing Life and What it Takes
8:00 PM Sat   Choo Choo  Gallery B   Plot or Die! It's a no-holds-barred Plot Off!
11:00 AM Sun   Con Center #17        Panel: Writing Opening Lines and Hooks

My 2013 table
All of these sound like fun panels and I’m looking forward to being on them. The highlight of last year’s con was the Saturday night “Plot or Die!” panel. Doing a plot off with the other writers in attendance was the most fun and most laughs I had the entire weekend, especially once everyone started trying to one up the others. If you can join us for that, I promise you will not be disappointed.

My Earth Station One/Earth Station Who cohorts will also be on hand for a live recording on Saturday at 3 pm at the Convention Center in room #13. The panel/recording is called “Introducing Peter Capaldi/Reviewing Matt Smith” and I will probably be sitting in on that one as well, time and space permitting, of course.
The ESO Crew at Con Nooga 2013

You can learn more about Con Nooga here. Plus, keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter. The Con Nooga Lit Track can also be found on Twitter as well.

Looking forward to seeing you at the con.


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