Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It starts here...
Cool. A couple of my stories got mentioned on Sean Lee Levin's The Crossover Universe blog. How do Secret Agent X and Lance Star: Sky Ranger crossover? Find out here.

Thanks to Sean for including these in the Crossover Universe Blog. I love it when I'm able to crossover characters and stories. I do it whenever I can. I’ll have to write up a nice blog post about it. I have several background characters that have appeared in books in multiple timelines so we’ve gotten to see them grow and age and see what they’ve been up to. Plus, Evil Ways' FBI Agent Harold Palmer has a connection to Lance Star: Sky Ranger and The New Adventures of The Eagle as his grandfather, a G-man, makes appearances in both.

It gets revisited here.
The crossovers are fun Easter Eggs for those who have read multiple stories I’ve written. Think of them as a nice bonus.

See you over there.


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