Friday, January 20, 2017


Hot off the press! The first paperback copy arrives!
The author with his book.
The Snow Falls paperback is now available at Barnes and Noble. You can find it here.

Author Bobby Nash received the first copy of the SNOW FALLS paperback yesterday. The novel's size is 5" x 8". "I know I'm a bit biased," Nash said. "But I think it looks great!" Want a copy to call your own? You can claim your copy at any of the links below. Snow Falls is also available as ebook. "Now, we need to work on an audio version. Ha! Ha!" Nash joked.

SNOW FALLS is an adrenaline-filled adventure thriller from award-winning author Bobby Nash and the first in a series of action-packed adventures featuring Abraham Snow and friends.

“Snow Falls is a griping thriller that Bobby Nash delivers in assured strokes of characterization and a driven plot.”
-- Gary Phillips, author of Treacherous: Grifters, Ruffians and Killers

A novella by Bobby Nash

After a near fatal encounter while deep undercover in South America, Abraham Snow retires from his work as a government operative, moving in with his grandfather during his recuperation. Once there, however, Abraham realizes that his grandfather has an ulterior motive: He wants Abraham to join the family business, Snow Security Consulting.

Abraham, however, soon learns that working with his family can be just as treacherous as deep cover work - especially when caught in the crossfire between his father and grandfather. But when an assassination plot against a visiting dignitary puts the entire family at risk, Abraham must use all of his talents and contacts to keep them safe.

SNOW FALLS is the first book in the continuing adventures of Abraham Snow.

“Bobby Nash is my 'go to' guy for thrills and kills on the page, and Snow is why...”
-- Paul Bishop, author of Lie Catchers, Croaker

SNOW FALLS is now available for purchase at the following:
Amazon US (Kindle)             Amazon UK (Kindle)
Amazon CA (Kindle)            Amazon DE (Kindle)
Amazon FR (Kindle)             Amazon ES (Kindle)
Amazon IT (Kindle)              Amazon NL (Kindle)
Amazon JP (Kindle)              Amazon BR (Kindle)
Amazon MX (Kindle)           Amazon AU (Kindle)
Amazon IN (Kindle)             Createspace (paperback)
Amazon US (paperback)      Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)      Barnes and Noble (paperback)

SNOW STORM premieres February 1, 2017. Keep watching this page for more details.

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