Friday, January 12, 2018


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Not final cover.
It's sneaky peeky time, boys and girls. Here's a snap of the opening few lines from the first draft of SNOW TRAPPED, the upcoming 4th digest thriller by Bobby Nash featuring fan-favorite character, Abraham Snow. Published by BEN Books.

Look for it March 2018.

Learn more about SNOW here and here.

Here's a better look at the copy that is pasted above:


The plan was simple.

They had rehearsed it back and forth, side to side, and twelve ways from Sunday. There was nothing that would get in the way of the crew’s objective. They had planned for every detail.

Tommy Reardon was the brains of the operation. It was he that first put the crew together eight years earlier when they took down a hidden vault in South Florida where a cabal of wealthy businessmen hid their dirty money from their less than legitimate endeavors. The take had set up each man on the team for life. They were all filthy rich and had gotten away without incident.

After all, what were their victims going to do, call the police and report that their ill-gotten gains had been stolen.

Of course not.


This is all first draft, of course. It could, and probably will, change somewhat.

As I have mentioned before, SNOW is my tribute to the action detective/p.i. stories I grew up with. This one leaps into action movie territory with a story that is clearly int he same vein as Die Hard. That's right. We're fighting bad guys in a building. Heh. I was so tempted to plant tongue firmly in cheek and call this one SNOW HARD, but I suspected there were many a jokester out there that would think it meant something else so we'll save that title for the porn parody. Ha!


Learn more about SNOW here and here.

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