Thursday, June 14, 2018


I did something with the writing I don't normally do tonight.

I wrote out of order.

I wasn't feeling the chapter I was on so I wrote a scene from later in the story that I was more in the mood to write. It's an odd sensation. I don't jump around like this inside a manuscript often, but tonight it worked out great.



After the shocking reveal at the end of SNOW DRIVE, the investigation into Miguel Ortega and Daniella Cordoza heats up, Abraham Snow calls in a favor from his former handler, Elizabeth Walker. She has agreed to share information on Ortega and Cordoza and to deal with the hired guns after the bounty placed on Snow’s head.

A team of hired mercenaries break into an information storage and retrieval site hidden in an average office building in downtown Atlanta. They enter the building through the lobby restaurant. They say timing is everything. Unfortunately, for the mercenary team, they picked the same building where Walker and Snow are meeting and they don’t take kindly to having their reunion interrupted.

It’s time to saddle up and yippeekiya because we are SNOW TRAPPED in the next action-packed entry to the Snow series by Award-Winning Author Bobby Nash. On sale June 2018! Published by BEN Books.

Learn more about SNOW TRAPPED here.

I also whipped up a new ad for the SNOW series. I ran across this photo on-line and thought it was cute and fits the theme. I can't use it for real as I don't have the rights to use the woman's likeness in a pay ad, but I had fun sharing it to social media.

When you've got SNOW chance... you take it!
Abraham Snow's adventures continue in July with SNOW TRAPPED!
SNOW FALLS, SNOW STORM, and SNOW DRIVE still available in paperback and ebook.
The collected SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1 coming soon.

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