Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Back to the ol' salt mines...

My unplanned few days of rest and sleep was sorely needed, but it put a crimp in my writing schedule. Today, I'm back at the writing desk and pushing through the discomfort in my leg to get some work done.

A few weeks back a box fell on said leg and cut it. Not a huge deal, but I'm also diabetic so the injury is not healing fast. Nothing serious, until I walked on it for 5 days at Dragon Con in the heat, and without taking my meds correctly. Yeah. I'm an idiot.

After the con, the pain was intense so a trip to urgent care got me back on track. It hurts less when elevated, but it's hard to write in that position so I haven't the past few days.

There's a lot of work to do. Patreon's ebook of the month will be heading out soon. I also have September's newsletter to create and publish, the final chapter of Suicide Bomb to write, and assorted deadlines to meet. That's this week so look for a few posts in the coming days.

Have a great week.


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