Thursday, November 21, 2019


In The Wind, a Sheriff Tom Myers mystery continues.

IN THE WIND is a new Patreon-exclusive serialized novel by award-winning author Bobby NashIN THE WIND is the first stand-alone story featuring Sheriff Tom Myers and the Sommersville, Georgia Sheriff's Department, as soon in the pages of EVIL WAYSDEADLY GAMES!, and the upcoming EVIL INTENT and SNOW thrillers.

The story so far: A US Marshal's safe house in Sommersville, Georgia was attacked and the protected witness escaped, Sheriff Tom Myers begins his investigation without much cooperation from the FBI or U.S. Marshal's Service. Two survivors of the safe house explosion were rushed to Sommersville Medical Center for treatment.

The opening chapter FREE to read. Other chapters, like this one, are available only to patrons until it is completed and released by BEN Books in 2020. If you have friends that might enjoy this story, please share chapter 0 with them and invite them to subscribe. You can find Chapter 0 HERE.

For those just joining us, In The Wind is a serialized thriller premiering exclusively on Patreon for patrons only. A new chapter of In The Wind will debut every week. If you know someone who might enjoy this novella or the previous serialized novel, SUICIDE BOMB, please tell them about it. For as little as $1 a month, anyone can join the party. Please, invite your friends.

Sit back, have fun, and enjoy Sheriff Tom Myers' first stand-alone story, IN THE WIND.

As always, I appreciate your support. Feedback is also welcome and appreciated.


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Sommersville, Georgia was always such a nice, quiet place until author Bobby Nash started making bad things happen there. The Sommersville Saga continues from BEN Books! Learn more at

It all begins in Evil Ways, which pits FBI Agent Harold Palmer, reporter Franklin Palmer, and Sheriff Tom Myers on the trail of a deranged serial killer.

The saga continues in Deadly Games! When Sheriff Myers and his deputies help Atlanta PD Detective John Bartlett and journalist Benjamin West prevent a massacre.

Recently, Abraham Snow returned to the hometown he left over a decade earlier after being left for dead on a South American airstrip. Re-entering his life is not easy, but neither is letting go of his former lifestyle. Plus, there's still the matter of finding the man who shot him.

Tom Myers returns in his first solo mystery with "In The Wind" when a safe house holding a federal witness is attacked, the witness escapes into the wilds of Sommersville County. Can Myers, his deputies, and the numerous agencies on hand find him before those who want him dead do?

EVIL WAYS, DEADLY GAMES!, SNOW FALLS, SNOW STORM, SNOW DRIVE, SNOW TRAPPED, and SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1 are available in paperback and ebook, Most are available in hardcover and audio. Those that are not, will be available in these formats soon. You can read all of the BEN Books releases (except "In The Wind") for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. "In The Wind" is currently only available as a weekly serialized novel on Patreon. or as little as $1 a month, you can join Patreon at The opening chapter is available on Patreon for FREE.

Future Sommersville related stories in production include Snow Business, Evil Intent, Deadly Deals!, and Snow Down. Coming soon and throughout 2020.

Keep watching and for updates.

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