Thursday, July 23, 2020


I have the most creative friends. The new Lance Star: Sky Ranger serialized novel premiered with chapter 1 on Patreon early this morning. The Lance Star and the Crown of Gengis Kai (this is the final, corrected title, by the way) novella is a retelling of a comic strip story I wrote a few years back. The novella will take the premise of the comic strip and flesh it out. You can follow the serialized novel at each week. Patreon tiers start as low as $1. This is the 3rd serialized novel. Suicide Bomb and the upcoming "In The Wind" were originally presented in a serialized chapter uploaded each week(ish).

original cover
original cover
The original strip was drawn by James Burns, who also handled the art on the Lance Star: Sky Ranger comic book called "One Shot!" You can learn more about it at It is still on sale as well. Paperback: $3.00 and ebook: $1.49. You should grab a copy. The strips for this story also appear in Über-Tales #1. You can find it for only $5.00 in paperback at

I used the cover James had drawn back then in the Chapter 1 graphic. Today, James surprised me with a new, updated cover to use starting with chapter 2 next week. This cover will also grace the print and ebook version of this novella when it goes to print later this year. The original strips will be included in the BEN Books edition too. You can read Lance Star and the Crown of Gengis Kai Chapter 1 for FREE at

Look for chapter 2 next week.

Check out the new cover. I think you'll like it.

Thanks again, James.


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