Sunday, December 6, 2020



Due to popular demand, Stormgate Press' Pulp Reality #1 paperback is now on sale! Get yours today! The ebook will follow soon.

Originally solicited for premiere on December 1, 2020, the publisher has released the book early so you can get it delivered in time for the holiday season. Pulp Reality #1 makes a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer and it also looks good wrapped in a bow for the pulp fan in your life. 

You can find Pulp Reality #1 at the following on-line retailers:
Amazon US
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Ebook coming soon!

About Pulp Reality #1: Car chases, two-fisted heroes, underwater mayhem, the coming of B-Man...!! This is Pulp Reality. A collection of seven short stories from today’s top authors and artists in the genre of NEW PULP. Take a seat, as we pull back the curtain on days gone by – with heroic escapades of yesteryear and edge of your seat adventures in the vein of the old pulps from the golden-age of storytelling.

My story in Pulp Reality #1 is called "Showdown at Scavenger Quay" and features the first titanic team-up between Bobby Nash's Lance Star: Sky Ranger and Charles F. Millhouse's Captain Hawklin that you won't want to miss. It's going to be explosive!


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