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WE LOVE RADER REVIEWS! WOW. Three Snow Falls reviews today on Goodreads. Two were good. One... not so much. Can't please everyone, I suppose. Still, even though it didn't work for him, I'm thankful he took the time to write though. Instead of doing three separate posts, I'm sharing them all together.

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A super BIG Thank You to author Kimberly Richardson for her kind words and 5 STAR GoodReads review of SNOW FALLS.

"This book is worth staying up late at night! Excellent pacing of action with just enough suspense to keep you guessing. I’m ready for Snow Storm!"

Big thanks to Ed for his kind words and 4 STAR GoodReads review of SNOW FALLS.

"Undercover Homeland Security agent Abraham Snow returns home outside Atlanta after almost dying in a shootout. AS he considers joining the family security business, he stops an assassination in progress in a large hotel. The bottom line is I liked Abraham Snow and his family and I liked their style. So, onward to Book #2 in the series."

Big thanks to Jim A. for taking the time to leave a 1 STAR GoodReads review of SNOW FALLS. I'm sorry the novella wasn't to your liking, but I appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. 

"What a disappointment. First it's not a novel. It's a novella, less than 100 pages. The plot is simplistic. A wounded government agent comes home to Atlanta to recuperate. He visits his grandfather, who just happens to run a security consulting firm. While there he gets involved with the pursuit of an assassin. Dialogue sophomoric. And then there's the ending, leading into the next volume of this. I'll pass."

Editorial note: for those reading the review above, the main story does have an ending. There is an epilogue after the story ends that sets up the next book.

You can find Snow Falls HERE.

Snow Falls is available in paperback, ebook, and audio. Read it FREE with Kindle Unlimited.
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Reviews are always welcome and appreciated, even the one stars. And reviews work. On GoodReads, Jim A. picked up Snow Falls after reading Ed's review. Even though it wasn't to his liking, a reader review introduced him to the book.

Thanks again, Kimberly, Ed, and Jim.


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