Thursday, June 17, 2021



Get ready for some brand-new #FreshSnow in #TheSummerOfSnow! BEN Books is thrilled to share the cover to the next Snow Shorts story, Snow Shorts #5: Angel in the Storm by Mark Bousquet starring Snow's best pal, FBI Agent Tom "Mac" McClellan. The cover portrait and design is by Jeffrey Hayes of Plasmafire Graphics.

About Angel in the Storm:
When an cargo plane explodes over Atlanta, investigators are dispatched to deal with the fallout, both literal and judicial. Everyone except FBI Agent Tom McClellan. On his boss' hit list again, Agent McClellan finds himself saddled with a detail that's a waste of time, at best. Even worse, Mac comes under fire from a former lover, now a lawyer for a prominent crime family, and hired killers looking to put him and his case in the ground for good. How does all of this connect to a plane crash? That's exactly what Mac has to figure out before it's too late.

Look for Snow Shorts #5 on sale soon from BEN Books!

Snow Shorts are bite-sized tales set in Bobby Nash's SNOW series by some of today's best writers. Snow Shorts ebook adventures are only $.99 and feature covers by Jeffrey Hayes.
Snow Shorts #1: Snow Flies by Bobby Nash
Snow Shorts #2: Thieves' Alley by Gary Phillips
Snow Shorts #3: A Stranger Calls by Nicole Givens Kurtz
Snow Shorts #4: Snow Ambition by Brian K Morris
A new Snow Short: Snow Chase by Bobby Nash appears in Pulp Reality #2.

More Snow Shorts are on the way! Keep watching and for more news. Coming soon: Snow Shorts #6 (an Archer Snow tale by Bobby Nash), Snow Shorts Vol. 1 (collecting 1, 2, & 3 in paperback, ebook, and audio), Snow Down (currently being serialized at, and more. It truly is #TheSummerOfSnow! #SnowDay! #BENBooks #SnowShorts #Snow #BookRecommendation #AmReading #ReadingCommunity

Happy Reading and stay frosty!

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