Monday, October 18, 2021

MIDWAY - A Full-Cast Audio Drama Written by Bobby Nash! Download Yours Today!


Are you ready to board Midway station? On Another Wavelength presents Midway, a full-cast audio drama written by Bobby Nash.

This is my first full-cast audio script and I am over the moon at the beautiful job the production team, cast, and crew did in bringing this to life. It sounds great! You can download yours today HERE.

“Emergency alert! Meteor shower detected. Multiple impacts. Structural integrity compromised. Repair crew required at Midway station. Urgent!”

MIDWAY is an Evcol Entertainment / Clockwork Digital Studios Original Production, a part of the On Another Wavelength audio anthology series featuring the voice talents of Samantha Boffin, Carl Dolamore, Will Harrison-Wallace, Mitch Howell, and Chris Machari – Written by Bobby Nash, Directed and Produced by Simon James Collier, Series Created and Co-Produced by Adam Dechanel, Soundscape Design: Zachary Elliott-Hatton. Running time: 13 mins 30 seconds

Learn more about On Another Wavelength audio dramas HERE.
Published by Evcol Entertainment.

Midway also appears in short story form in Frontier, a sci-fi collection. You can find in paperback and ebook HERE. Published by BEN Books.


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