Tuesday, September 27, 2022



I was interviewed by author Landis Wade for the Charlotte Readers Podcast episode 307. We talked about writing short fiction, one hour reads like Captain Hawklin's Smuggler's Run and Snow Shorts. Give it a listen HERE.

About Charlotte Readers Podcast episode 307: we explore practical writing advice on going from blank page to book, writing what you know, and finding your personal process. We feature new contemporary fiction from New York Times bestselling author Therese Anne Fowler, a Southern memoir, and a one-hour read. Plus we have community events, book recommendations, and more.

Today’s Featured Authors:

Therese Anne Fowler Time Stamp: 30:13
In New York Times bestselling novelist Therese Anne Fowler’s new novel, It All Comes Down to This, Therese invites the reader into the world of the strong-minded Geller sisters, the men they can’t live with or without, the Maine summer house that holds the key to their happiness, and the secrets that will change everything, what another bestselling author calls “a big-hearted novel about middle-aged women reckoning with their own heavy secrets, and each other.”

Joel Shulkin Time Stamp: 1:04:54
We feature Joel Shulkin’s blog post “Write What You Know?”, about writing from


Lee Zacharias Time Stamp: 1:16:55
We also feature Lee Zacharias’s blog post “Mountain Climbing and Alligator Wrestling,” about diversity in writing methods.

Bobby Nash Time Stamp: 1:28:10
Bobby Nash is an award-winning author who writes novels, comic books, short stories, screenplays, and more. We will talk with him about the one-hour read, and in particular, his one-hour read The Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin: Smugglers Run.

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