Tuesday, June 27, 2023



Happy #SnowDay! We're celebrating 9 years of Snow! Happy Anniversary!
9 years ago today, my novella, SNOW FALLS premiered at its first publisher. It was re-released later at BEN Books where the adventure continues today. 9 years! My, how time flies. There are 6 novellas, (collected in 2 editions also), 3 volumes of Snow Shorts (also in a collected edition), hardcovers, paperbacks, ebooks, audio books, and an audio drama. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on Snow Hunt, book 7 in the main novella series.
BONUS: Amazon currently has the paperbacks at deeply discounted prices. You can find them HERE.
Big thanks to everyone involved in Snow's success, including Stuart Gauffi, Jeffrey Hayes, Dennis Calero, Michael Gordon, the Snow Shorts authors: Gary Phillips, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Brian K. Morris, Mark Bousquet, Berni Johnson, Charles F. Millhouse, Simon Collier, Adam Dechanel, Chris Machari, plus the readers, reviewers, Snow fans, Snow's patrons, & whoever I'm forgetting to thank that I'll remember later for keeping #TheSummerOfSnow alive! There's lots more to come. Stay tuned. There's more #FreshSnow ahead!
His career ended with a bullet, but Abraham Snow's adventure is just beginning.
Learn more HERE and at www.abrahamsnow.com.
Published by BEN Books.
Thanks to all who have read and supported the Snow series. If you've never read Snow, I hope you'll take advantage of the Amazon sale.
Thanks for going on this Snow ride with me!

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