Monday, February 4, 2019


I listened to the audio book for my novella, SNOW FALLS over the weekend and the first few chapters of the second Snow title, SNOW STORM today, and they sound great! Here's a sneak peek at the cover art, a close up on the cover art from the book illustrated by the incredible Dennis Calero.

Our narrator on the Snow books is Stuart Gauffi. Stuart is an accomplished narrator and pro. You may have heard him narrating Airship 27's LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER audio books. If not, you should check those out too. We'll also have more on Stuart coming soon. Right now, he is giving a masterful performance on SNOW FALLS and I'm excited for everyone to hear these.
The SNOW FALLS audio book is coming soon from BEN Books. Keep watching this space for more details as they become available.

Happy Monday!


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