Monday, October 14, 2019


Huge thanks to artist Bill Sartain for naming BEN Books author Bobby Nash as the Spotlight Indie Artist of the Week. "I'm honored," says Bobby Nash of the spotlight..
Repost Bill:
Our new Spotlight Indie Artist of the Week is author Bobby Nash. He's a writer of novels, comic books, short stories and screenplays.

His first comic book came out in 1992, but his first professional break came in 2000. This gave Bobby the inspiration to start writing novels. His first novel was published in 2004 and released in 2005. Shortly after that in 2006 he was hired to write short stories.

Bobby Nash currently has over 100 stories in print including 21 novels/novellas, 47 short stories/anthologies, and 49 comic books/graphic novels. Go to to check out his spectacular collection. I've recently read his book "Snow Falls" and highly recommend it as well.

"Thanks again, Bill."

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