Tuesday, March 24, 2020


A big thank you to everyone who has helped keep #THESUMMEROFSNOW rolling along! I am thrilled to see readers snapping up ebook copies of Snow's adventures for 99 cents each this week. The sale ends March 28th, by the way, so there's still time to grab the series readers call "A Page Turner," "Fast-Paced Action," "Brisk," "Highly Enjoyable," and "A Great Read" at ultra-low prices. Get them before the prices return to normal!

Reading is a great way to pass the hours while we're all stuck at home. The BIG $.99 SNOW EBOOK SALE IS NOW LIVE! Get caught up on Abraham Snow's award-nominated exploits form the very beginning with BEN Books and award-winning author Bobby Nash on ebook for $0.99 each beginning March 21st through March 28th on Amazon. You can read the entire Snow series to date for under $5 to get ready for Snow Star, debuting the first of April.
It all starts with Snow Falls and continues in Snow StormSnow DriveSnow Trapped, and Paul Bishop Presents: Disorderly Conduct featuring Snow Flies. Snow Series 1, Vol. 1 collects the first 3 stories in one volume (not part of the $0.99 sale). Abraham Snow returns in 2020 with Snow Star (spring 2020), Snow Down (summer 2020), and Snow Series 1, Vol. 2 (summer 2020 - collecting books 4 - 6 in a single volume), and more on the horizon. Keep watching the official SNOW site for more details.

Snow's adventures are available in paperbackebookaudio book, and hardcover. You can read each Snow book for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Snow's adventures are available in paperback, ebook, audio book, and hardcover. You can read each Snow book for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.
Written by Bobby Nash.
Published by BEN Books.

Get to know Snow at www.abrahamsnow.com

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