Monday, July 15, 2019


Art by Jeff Austin.
Here's a #TheSummerOfSnow tease.

Playing with some cover text/art for an upcoming Snow series 2 story. This is one of the earliest Snow plots I developed after I created the series. In fact, the 'Hunt' part predates Snow. Hmmm... I know, I know, I still have 2 books left in series 1. Don't worry. I'm working on them too.

A little behind the scenes info. Before there was an Abraham Snow, there was Abraham Hunt and the plan was to call this book Hunt's Bounty, Hunt's Revenge, Hunt's... well, you get the idea. Now, Hunt and Snow are not the same character, in fact, they are quite dissimilar. I started Hunt's Bounty, but later set it aside. I took a few of the ideas, not to mention the first name of the protagonist from the original story and used them in the creation of Abraham Snow. In series 2, coming 2020 most likely, I have plans to have the two characters meet in a story I'm calling Snow Hunt and maybe Snow Bounty if it's a two-parter, which is what I'm thinking at the moment. All of that is subject to change, of course.

More Snow Hunt details to follow. Look for it in Snow Series 2.
Art by Jeff Austin.


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