Thursday, July 18, 2019


The latest installment of SUICIDE BOMB, the serialized novel by Bobby Nash is now LIVE on Patreon! You can find it HERE!

Not final cover.
The story so far... A methodical killer known only as The Controller has nearly perfected a procedure that can turn anyone into an assassin from afar. After carrying out the pre-planted assignment, the assassin then kills themselves. While Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson is dealing with the Suicide Bomber targeting the White House, DC Metro Homicide Detective Catherine Jackson and her partner, Melvin Carter return to the Agency interrogation site to confront The Controller face to face and put a stop to his sinister schemes. Unfortunately for them, The Controller still has an ace up his sleeve.

You can read the Patreon exclusive serialized novel now at
Subscription tiers start as low as $1 a month. Subscribe to the $5 and higher tiers and get Suicide Bomb AND join the ebook of the month club. A great deal.

As always, your support is appreciated and helps me keep telling stories and creating bold new literary worlds.


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