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We Love Reader Reviews! Big thanks to Tonya Dorsey for her kind words and 5 star Amazon review of Evil Intent. You can read it HERE or below. "Great book!!! The story in this one kept me hooked from the beginning!! Excellent book!!!" Thanks again, Tonya.


A Harold Palmer Thriller

FBI Special Agent Harold Palmer is back in action! Years after the traumatic events in Sommersville, GA (as told in the novel, EVIL WAYS), Harold Palmer still can't shake his final showdown with a maniacal killer. He throws himself into his work.

Donnie Lehmann is one of the nation’s most wanted, a domestic terrorist who seeks to overthrow the United States government. Lehmann and his cult of followers have been staying off the radar while planning their next attack. The time is now. They have their target and a mission.

When Agent Palmer and the Joint Terrorism Task Force raid one of the terrorist cult’s safe houses, the vengeful Donnie Lehmann sets his sights on the Task Force. Before he can go after his biggest target to date, he sentences the members of the Task Force to death. The hunters have become the hunted. Can Harold Palmer and his team catch their quarry before he finds them?

Evil Intent is a suspenseful cat and mouse game wrapped in explosive packaging by award-winning author Bobby Nash.

Available today in paperback and Kindle ebook. Read it free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Audio and hardcover coming soon.

EVIL INTENT is available at the following retailers:
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