Thursday, December 6, 2018


Are you caught up on Suicide Bomb?

A killer revealed! Ordinary people being triggered into murder/suicide! Who will be the next to fall before the Controller's schemes? DC Metro Homicide Detective Catherine Jackson and Melvin Carter are on the case along with Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson. What interest does the Secret Service have in the murders and how far up the political ladder does the threat go? Find out in SUICIDE BOMB, the serialized thriller by Award-Winning Author Bobby Nash. Published by BEN Books.

Read it now exclusively to Patreon subscribers! Not a subscriber? That's okay. It's not too late to join us today at

The next chapter premieres December 11th!

SUICIDE BOMB features Washington DC homicide detective, Catherine Jackson and Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson teaming up to stop a twisted mastermind who has developed a method for turning ordinary people into assassins before killing themselves. Who can you trust when everyone around you could be a killer?

Each chapter will arrive as a PDF. Once completed, the completed ebook will be sent to patrons prior to wide release via BEN Books.

Not a patron yet? There's still plenty of time to join us at and take advantage of our $1, $3, and $5 subscription plans.

So, please, sit back, have fun, and enjoy the carnage and mayhem of SUICIDE BOMB.

Happy reading.

You can find the chapters here:
Additional chapters will be posted exclusively to Patreon on the following dates:
Chapter 5: December 11, 2018
Chapter 6: December 25, 2018
Chapter 7: January 1, 2019
Chapter 8: January 8, 2019
New chapters will premiere each Tuesday at midnight.


Chapters of my grand experiment, SUICIDE BOMB has been posted to Patreon. SUICIDE BOMB is a serialized thriller exclusively for my subscribers on Patreon until it is completed. A new chapter of Suicide Bomb will debut on Tuesdays every 2 weeks beginning with October 2nd, 2018. That means there are 3 chapters being released in October to kick off this thrilling new story. After chapter 3, the only way to read SUICIDE BOMB is by subscribing to Patreon, which you can do for as little as $1 a month. In January, Suicide Bomb moves to a weekly release schedule.

Learn more about Suicide Bomb HERE.
"Bobby Nash is the man who looked Genre in the eye when it challenged him and said 'Try me' and then proceeded to write whatever the hell he wanted."
--Tommy Hancock (Pro Se Productions)

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